Heartsine® Samaritan® PAD

The Heartsine® Samaritan® PAD is our choice for the lightest, easy-to-use and most affordable defibrillators on the market. Ideal for any setting – workplace, home, cottage, or boat.

Compact, lightweight, easy to use with an integrated battery and pads and biphasic SCOPE® technology. The Samaritan® PAD 2005 AHA/ERC compliant with clear, easy to understand voice prompts.

Buttons and Pad-Pak® are accessible even while defibrillator is in its storage case. One Pad-Pak® cartridge contains all system disposables – battery AND electrode pads which means there is only one expiration date to monitor.

Includes the following:

# Defibrillator
# Adult Pad-Pak
# Carrying case
# User Manual
# AED Fast Response Kit
# 7 year warranty

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